Congratulations to the October 2016 class of CFedS

Congratulations to the October 2016 class of CFedS

  • Chad Gulick
  • John McBride
  • Steven McCormack
  • Steven Parker
  • Dale Rush
  • Ryan Smith
  • David Swanson
Congratulations to our newest CFedS-Candidates!
  • Claudia Westerlund
  • Cory Wilhelm

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USFS Eastern Region Regional Land Surveyor Vancany Announcement

Regional Land Surveyor
Forest Service

Milwaukee, WI

Work Schedule is Full-Time - Permanent
Opened Monday 10/3/2016
Closes Thursday 10/13/2016

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Re-enrollment Policy Change

The CFedS Certification Panel has recently approved the following policy:

Trainees who have been withdrawn from the Program and re-register will be required to retake only the Unit Exam(s) they have not previously passed. This is a change in our exam policy.

In the past those re-registering for the Program were required to pass all 7 quizzes and all three Units of the exam.

Under the new policy they will not be required to retake the Exam Unit(s) they have already passed. This will allow trainees to focus on the material they failed the first time instead of material they have already mastered. The fee to re-register will remain $800.00.

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You have found the official website for the Certified Federal Surveyors Program (CFedS). Co-administered by the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), the Program provides extensive training for Professional Land Surveyors in dealing with federal survey processes. This website contains all the information you need to learn about, register for, or utilize the CFedS Program. The CFedS Training Program was designed by the Bureau of Land Management. To learn more about the current CFedS team click on the Program Coordinator link. We invite you to explore this site.