Congratulations to the June 2019 CFedS


  • Eric Ansart
  • William Bradley
  • Paul Fridley
  • Julia Keilman
  • Richard Mulliken
  • James Nordlund
  • Peter Paulus
  • Quentin Schukar
  • Robin Suber
  • David Ulrey

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2019 APLS Conference - Private-Federal Boundary Determination

For those CFedS who attended the Arizona (APLS) 2019 Convention CFedS Workshop: Private-Federal Boundary Determination – Scottsdale, Arizona May 9, 2019, you can download the workshop handout by selecting the link below.

You will receive a total of 2 CFedS Continuing Education Credits upon successfully passing the quiz.

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Washington DC Chief Cadastral Surveyor Announced

The BLM is happy to announce that Dominica Van Koten has been selected as the new permanent Washington DC Chief Cadastral Surveyor. Dominica has spent the last 11 years as the BLM Eastern States Office, Chief Cadastral Surveyor.

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February 2013 Exam Statistics

The results from the Feb. 1, 2013 examination are in. Of the 27 people who took the exam (or parts of it), 12 are now Certified Federal Surveyors! Congratulations!

This brings the total number of Certified Federal Surveyors to 592.

The exam is divided into three units. Here are the results for each unit:

  • 13 students took Unit #1, 100% passed
  • 27 students took Unit #2, 44% passed
  • 16 students took Unit #3, 81% passed
Unit #2 continues to be the most difficult unit.

Some trainees were retaking a failed unit; of the 20 units re-taken 9 were successfully passed (45%).

Another way to look at this exam is based on the first, second or third attempt:

  • First attempt……… 55% passing rate
  • Second attempt….. 40% passing rate
  • Third attempt……... 20% passing rate
In total, 56 units were taken and 38 were passed (68%).

We are proud of all trainees who dedicated the time and effort to attempt this rigorous and thorough examination.

Added: Thursday, April 11, 2013

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