Congratulations to the June 2019 CFedS


  • Eric Ansart
  • William Bradley
  • Paul Fridley
  • Julia Keilman
  • Richard Mulliken
  • James Nordlund
  • Peter Paulus
  • Quentin Schukar
  • Robin Suber
  • David Ulrey

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2019 APLS Conference - Private-Federal Boundary Determination

For those CFedS who attended the Arizona (APLS) 2019 Convention CFedS Workshop: Private-Federal Boundary Determination – Scottsdale, Arizona May 9, 2019, you can download the workshop handout by selecting the link below.

You will receive a total of 2 CFedS Continuing Education Credits upon successfully passing the quiz.

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Washington DC Chief Cadastral Surveyor Announced

The BLM is happy to announce that Dominica Van Koten has been selected as the new permanent Washington DC Chief Cadastral Surveyor. Dominica has spent the last 11 years as the BLM Eastern States Office, Chief Cadastral Surveyor.

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Standards for Federal Lands Boundary Evidence Approved

Department of the Interior (DOI), Departmental Manual, Part 600, Chapter 5, Standards for Federal Lands Boundary Evidence, has been approved. The Standards provide Department-wide guidance and instruction to reduce conflicts over Federal interest assets and minimize unnecessary land surveys. The Standards provide guidance to managers on when and how to involve boundary location subject matter experts at key stages of land and resource transactions. This policy: 1) Provides for a consistent, timely, efficient, and economical assessment of boundary evidence relative to Federal interest assets; 2) Provides procedures for expeditious processing of Federal interest asset transactions; 3) Provides managers with a cost-and time-saving tool that assists them in making appropriate determinations for solutions to Federal interest asset boundary issues; 4) Protects and preserves Federal interest assets from boundary conflicts, trespass, unauthorized use, and invalid or ambiguous land descriptions; and 5) Discharges the Secretary’s duties and responsibilities for management of land boundaries relative to Federal interest assets with a high degree of compatibility, proficiency, integrity, and care.

The Standards for Boundary Evidence Certificate(s) will be compiled/evaluated by DOI Land Surveyors or Certified Federal Surveyors (CFedS) familiar with the preparation of such evidence in the jurisdiction in which the lands are situated.

Training is being developed by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) and the CFedS Program through as Assistance Agreement with BLM. The training will replace portions of Course 7 in the CFedS certification training and in Advanced Cadastral Survey (ACS I). It will be available as continuing education training for CFedS and those who have already completed Course 7 of ACS I.

Here is a link to the DOI Directives website .

Added: Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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