Congratulations to the Oct 2017 class of CFedS

Congratulations to the Oct 2017 class of CFedS

  • Byron Cazar Balarezo
  • Jeffrey Bell
  • Thomas Judge
  • Craig McCullough
  • Adadewa Okutu
  • Mike Posada
  • Reily Smith
First, let us apologize for getting the results out late. Due to the hurricanes, several were impacted and we had to receive ALL exam packages in before we could start the grading process. So thank you for your patience.

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Vacancy Announcement: Land Surveyor, GS-1373-9/11, Billings, MT

The Montana State Office is accepting applications for the following: MT Merit-2017-0135: Land Surveyor, GS-1373-9/11, Billings, Montana.

1 position available. This is a permanent position in the competitive service.

NOTE: This position is for current federal employees only

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Vacancy Announcement

All Cadastral Surveyors,

This announcement has been extended for one week. The position is challenging and provides for a great learning experience on national policy development, budget, and legislation. This position also works with interagency and international issues.

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REPOST -- Course Videos Not Playing?

TO: All CFedS, CFedS Candidates & Trainees
FROM: CFedS Technical Support

Adobe pushed a new FlashPlayer update and unfortunately our courses are going to be impacted. They disabled the ability by default to playback swf files from the local file system.

What does that mean in laymen terms?

When you click on a video in one of our courses, the shell appears but the video doesn’t start – you just see a black screen.

The Solution

Make sure you are using an approved and supported browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox)

  1. Attach your CFedS Hard Drive to the system.
  2. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Flash Player -> Advanced.
  3. Under the Developer Tools section, click on Trusted Location Settings.
  4. Select Add, then Add Folder.
  5. Select the CFedS hard drive from the list that appears, and click Ok.
  6. Click Confirm.
  7. Click Close.
  8. The CFedS videos should now play correctly.
Note: If the CFedS Hard Drive changes drive letters, you may need to repeat this process for the new drive letter.

Contact Tech Support at if you are having problems with the above. If you are using Windows 10, contact tech support and we will send you a tip sheet that works for our systems.

Added: Sunday, January 01, 2017