CFedS Video

Introducing "Boundary Surveys: Part of Time, History, Land". For years, Indian Trust lands have been plagued with substandard and in many cases conflicting surveys and survey-related services. This issue led the Secretary of the Interior to create and implement a new survey business service, called the Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) Program.

The CFedS program was initially designed to protect and develop Trust lands and assets under what is known as the Fiduciary Trust Model. The CFedS program was successfully developed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and is currently administered by the BLM in cooperation with the National Society of Professional Surveyors. The CFedS program trains registered professional land surveyors on the unique aspects of land boundary surveys. The program was developed to address specific needs in the management of trust lands but has broad application for all land boundary surveys.

We are extremely proud of this program and hope the next time you or your organization is in need of survey services associated with land boundaries, that you will contact a CFedS, who has gained the knowledge needed to provide quality cadastral surveys and services. The protection of your lands and resources is paramount to our efforts.

Copies of the DVD and supplemental postcard have been distributed to:

  • Tribal Leaders
  • Alaska Village Leaders
  • Office of Special Trustee for American Indians
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs, Central Office, for distribution to the Agency and Regional Offices
  • Certified Federal Surveyors
  • National Society of Professional Surveyors for distribution to State Governors
  • Bureau of Land Management Cadastral Offices
  • Bureau of Land Management Indian Lands Surveyors
  • Other Federal and State Land Managing Agencies

If you need a personal copy of the DVD, please contact