Course 1: History, Records & Administrative Systems

Course Description

This is an introductory series of videos that establishes the context of the CFedS Program. Topics covered in this course include:

  • Brief history of surveying as it relates to the United States
  • Cultural Awareness
  • History of Indian Land Law
  • Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Indian Affairs structures and records that each may have
  • Basics of federal survey authority

Course Objectives

  • Review administrative functions, structures, and process of the Bureau of Land Management and the Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Increase awareness of cultural and historical legal issues when working in Indian Country
  • Identify records sources for survey projects in Indian Country

Course Instructors

Dennis Mouland, Bureau of Land Management
Dominica Van Koten, Bureau of Land Management
Priscilla Wilfarht, Office of the Solicitor
Colleen Kelly, Office of the Solicitor
Ron Applebaum, Bureau of Indian Affairs (Ret.)

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The Complete Course 1 Study Guide contains everything needed to complete the course. It is included for those who wish to print everything necessary prior to starting the course. Please note that the full Course One study guide is 312 pages.

Upon reaching the final quiz, you must answer at least 75% of the questions correctly to achieve a passing grade. Retakes are limited to once per 24 hour period.