Certification Renewal (Log in)

General Information

A CFedS must renew Certification biannually. In order to renew, a CFedS must:

  • Provide declaration of State registration(s);
  • Successfully complete continuing education course(s) as prescribed by the Panel; and
  • Pay the renewal fees of $40.00.

Your Renewal Status

Your CFedS certification date is 2/3/2012. Your next CFedS certification renewal date is 2/18/2022, which is 114 days away.

You are required to earn 6 continuing education (CE) credits to renew your certification. At this time, you have earned 0 credits towards this renewal.

You have not fulfilled your continuing education requirement. In order to meet this requirement, you are required to complete another 6 credits of continuing education. If you would like to see what CE courses are available, click the CE Information link in the menu.

Once you have successfully passed, you would then be required to pay your renewal fee of $40.00 anytime between 11/20/2021 and 2/18/2022.

Your options are:

  • Option A: Finish all requirements, pay all fees and complete the renewal process, or
  • Option B: Allow your CFedS certification to expire. Your CFedS status will be changed to “Expired”. This means you will not be listed in the CFedS roster, you cannot advertise or offer your services as a CFedS and you cannot perform any CFedS work until you have renewed your certification.

Failure to renew will result in temporary suspension for non-renewal, Expired status.

Where the renewal has not been completed within an additional 59 days a $75.00 late fee will be assessed.