CFedS Panel

The CFedS Certification Panel (Panel) has the authority, subject to the BLM Washington Office Chief Cadastral Surveyor (Chief) to adopt, amend and rescind rules as necessary to carry out the purposes of this program, including, but not limited to, rules regarding program administration, applicant qualifications, training standards, examination standards, continuing education requirements, recertification, roster administration, and fees associated with the program.

The Panel, headed by a Chairperson, is the representative body authorized by the Chief for the purpose of training, testing, administration, hearing, considering and determining matters of the CFedS program under the jurisdiction of the National Cadastral Survey Program. The Panel’s authority has been delegated from the Chief. The Panel will:

  • Administer and execute contractual arrangements deemed necessary for the administration of the program;
  • Recommend to the Chief, adoption, amendment and rescission of rules not specifically enumerated in this handbook as necessary to carry out the purposes of this program;
  • Make recommendations to the Chief on issuance of directives, including updates to the CFedS Manual, Handbook and related materials;
  • Conduct or order investigation of program irregularities, including poor performance of Certificate holder(s);
  • Administer the Roster; and
  • Report to the Chief on the status of the program.

Nothing in the administrative handbook shall be construed to deprive the Chief of any power to review any decision of the Panel, or to direct the Panel to reconsider a decision.

The Panel shall consist of a minimum of seven members appointed by the Chief. At least one member from each of the following groups shall be represented on the Panel:

  • Bureau of Land Management;
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs;
  • Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians;
  • Tribal or Alaska Native representative; and
  • Private Survey Sector.

There shall be no set term for Panel membership. The Panel members serve at the pleasure of the Chief. The Chief may appoint additional representatives to serve other interested parties.

The Panel Chairperson(*) is appointed by the Chief and may be the CFedS Program Manager.

In the absence of the Chairperson, the Chief will appoint a temporary Chairperson to carry out the administration of the Panel. The temporary Chairperson will have all authority and responsibility of the Panel Chairperson.

The Panel Chairperson is responsible for the day to day management of the CFedS Program. In regards to the CFedS Program, the Chairperson will:

  • Act as liaison between the Panel and the Chief, BLM Indian Lands Surveyors (BILS), Cadastral Chiefs, CFedS, BIA, Tribes, and the public;
  • Determine meeting frequency, dates and location;
  • Develop the agenda for Panel meetings;
  • Vote only in the instance of a tie vote of the Panel;
  • Serve as the moderator at Panel meetings;
  • Determine that CFedS applicants meet basic requirements;
  • Recommend training and examination procedures;
  • Ensure that the examination is administered in a controlled testing environment;
  • Recommend fee structure;
  • Recommend certification of new CFedS;
  • Recommend Roster administration; and
  • Execute all documentation on behalf of the Panel:
    • Document votes of Panel;
    • Document actions of the Panel by meeting minutes;
    • Notification of actions to affected parties; and
    • Reports actions of the Panel to the Chief.

The Panel will provide direction to the Panel Chairperson in the administration of the CFedS Program and vote on the following:

  • Approving updates or changes to training and/or examination procedures;
  • Establishing criteria for passing the examination based upon recommendations and guidance of the psychometrician;
  • Approve fee structure;
  • Certifying new CFedS;
  • Determine classification status of CFedS, i.e., active or inactive;
  • Roster administration recommendations; and
  • Approve minutes of the previous meeting.

The fee schedule will be based on a review of fees charged by State colleges and University for similar coursework. Registration fees collected will be deposited into the appropriate CFedS account.

The CFedS trust fund will support the CFedS program. The fund may be used for:

  • Salary and travel for the CFedS Program Manager;
  • Salary and travel for the Panel;
  • Development of CFedS training; and
  • Development and maintenance of cadastral specific computer software for CFedS use.

A financial report will be prepared at the end of each fiscal year. The report will include the following:

  • Total collected from fees and tuition;
  • Expenditures for salary and travel of the CFedS Program Manager;
  • Expenditures for salary and travel of the Panel;
  • Expenditures for development of training; and
  • All other expenditures.

A quorum is defined as a minimum of five Panel Members including the Chairperson. All official actions will require votes and will be decided by simple majority of the Panel members voting at the meeting. No proxy votes will be counted.

Current CFedS Panel members are:

Tasha Huhta (Program Manager)
Jacob B. Barowsky (Acting Chief Cadastral Surveyor)
Glen Thurow (Panel Chair)
Ken Roy (BILS)
Sherry Johns (B.I.A. Representative)
Jacobo Pacheco (Private)
Angela Tate (Tribal Representative)
Bob Dahl (Advisor)
Robert Femling (Branch Chief, Geographic Sciences)

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