Continuing Education: Standards for Boundary Evidence (SBE)

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Standards for Boundary Evidence (SBE) is a Department of the Interior (DOI) process where certain transactions are reviewed by land surveyors to identify possible boundary problems, and help managers avoid or fix them. This eight-hour, four unit course has been designed for all Certified Federal Surveyors (CFedS) and provides three CEUs upon completion.

In unit one, Understanding and Starting the SPE process, provides a basic introduction to the SBE process, including DOI policy, history, and department need.

In unit two, Preparing the Land Surveyor Report, is designed primarily for land surveyors and focuses on the preparation of the Land Surveyors Report (LSR) and the Certificate of Inspection (CIP).

In unit three, Field Inspection and the CIP, is designed for all learners and will cover how to read, evaluate and use the Land Surveyors Report and the Certificate of Inspection in carrying out your daily work.

Finally, in unit four, Case Studies, you will have an opportunity to work through four case studies where you will apply what you have learned throughout this course.

Upon reaching the final quiz, you must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to achieve a passing grade. Retakes are limited to once per 24 hour period.

Please note: Some browsers, including Firefox, require that you click the spinning in-progress icon at least once to initiate the animated lesson content. Some pages include interactive elements, including audio and/or subtitles, which must play to completion before you may proceed to the next section.