Course 3: Survey Evidence Analysis

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Course Description

This set of videos and other teaching aids addresses one of the most complex tasks in cadastral surveying, the analysis of the field evidence and it’s correlation with the written record. The course is essentially presented with three unique sessions on the subject from instructors of varying backgrounds and experiences. Practical on-the-ground advice is offered, as well as a thorough discussion of the legal concepts and issues involved in the analysis of corner evidence.

Course Objectives

  • Provide legal and historical backgrounds for evidence analysis procedures
  • Discuss proper use of evidence, including confusing evidence situations
  • Practice reading of and interpretation of field notes and plats
  • Present proper markings on monuments

Course Instructors

Stan French, Bureau of Land Management

Dennis Mouland, Bureau of Land Management

Robert Dahl, Bureau of Land Management

Ron Scherler, Bureau of Land Management


Please print the Course Map before you begin to help guide you through the course.

Each topic has a study guide associated with it. You can view/print a specific study guide under the Materials tab in each topic.

The Complete Course 3 Study Guide  contains everything needed to complete the course. It is included for those who wish to print everything necessary prior to starting the course. Please note that the full Course 3 study guide is 410 pages.

Upon reaching theĀ final quiz, you must answer at least 75% of the questions correctly to achieve a passing grade. Retakes are limited to once per 24 hour period.

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