Course 6: Subdivision of Sections

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Course Description

This course focuses on the subdivision of sections. It addresses subdivision of normal sections, lotted closing sections, elongated and fractional sections, as well as the unique method known as the “three mile method” on many Indian Reservations and some private lands.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to properly subdivide regular sections
  • Identify exceptions to section subdivision rules
  • Demonstrate an understanding of area relationships on GLO/BLM plats
  • Identify and deal with fractional sections

Course Instructors

Ron Scherler, Bureau of Land Management
Dennis Mouland, Bureau of Land Management


Please print the Course Map before you begin to help guide you through the course.

Each topic has a study guide associated with it. You can view/print a specific study guide under the Materials tab in each topic.

The Complete Course 6 Study Guide ยป contains everything needed to complete the course. It is included for those who wish to print everything necessary prior to starting the course. Please note that the full Course 6 study guide is 222 pages.

Upon reaching the final quiz, you must answer at least 75% of the questions correctly to achieve a passing grade. Retakes are limited to once per 24 hour period.