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This page provides cases relating to boundary surveys.

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Hasenyager 176 IBLA 252

In this decision the Board clarifies the scope of the Longview Fibre Co., 135 IBLA 170, decision. In Longview Fibre the board declined to favor one proportioned corner over another proportioned corner, simply because the former better satisfied the technical requirements of the Survey Manual for proportionate measurement, where to do so would not, in fact, restore the corner at its true original position, and would disrupt property rights which had been in place for close to 60 years, thus violating bona fide rights protected in principle by 43 U.S.C. ยง 772 (2000). In Hasenyager the choice is between proportioned corners which have been in existence for close to 24 years, and the original corners set in 1896.

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