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Guidelines for using the CFedS Seal

CFedS, new guidelines for the using the CFedS Seal are now available. Please take a few minutes to review this information before using the seal.

How the seal should be used:

  • The CFedS seal may be used when signing boundary evidence standards worksheets, drawings or other CFedS documents, if allowed by state law.
  • If the state you are practicing in requires the use of a state license seal (or similar words), then the CFedS seal may be used in addition to the state stamp or seal, if allowed by state law.
  • Use of the seal does not imply any federal endorsement to the product it is applied to.
  • The seal is only to be applied to documents which have been produced in accordance with all of the CFedS training and standards.
  • The seal shall be reproduced so that it is 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter.
  • Each CFedS shall modify the DWG/DXF file so that their name & CFedS number are shown in their seal.

How the seal should not be used:

  • By anyone who is not on the current CFedS roster.
  • In any advertising which implies Federal Authority or Federal endorsement.
  • If prohibited by state law.

The use of this seal is a means to identify that the document it is affixed to has been prepared by someone that has completed the CFedS training and passed the examination, is current with their continuing education & renewal fee.

The CFedS program has no blanket survey authority attached to it. Survey projects, conducted by a CFedS, will either be done under State survey authority or Federal survey authority (when assigned Special Instructions, by the BLM). This seal does not have any survey authority behind it, so only use it in conjunction with one of the other authorities. You can download a copy of the CFedS seal from the link below.


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