Rules Relating to CFedS Exam Proctors

Per the CFedS Program Manual (H-9687-1), the CFedS examination shall be taken in the presence of a proctor approved by the CFedS Certification Panel. The proctor and applicant must sign an affidavit affirming that the exam was taken in accordance with the proctoring rules and requirements listed below, within the specified timeframe. The proctor’s job is that of monitor. They receive the examination, the instructions for administering the examination, provide the facility, ensure that the applicant abides by the guidelines for taking the examination and return the examination to the CFedS Certification Panel for grading. It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange compensation, if required and that the facility and testing environment meet any special requirements of the applicant.

An approved proctor shall be one of the following:

a). Department of Interior official, Section Chief or higher.
b). An educator, counselor, administrator in a primary, secondary or Collegiate educational system.
c). A person authorized to administer tests working in a testing center in a community college, college, university, high school or military base.
d). A librarian or library testing center.
e). Other individuals approved by the CFedS Certification Panel.
Note: Proctors cannot be a relative, close personal friend, employee, employer, supervisor, subordinate.

Applicants Responsibility Relative to the Proctor:

a). The examination will be delivered at the date and time specified by the CFedS Certification Panel. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make suitable arrangements with the proctor, including compensation.
b). Complete and submit the requisite proctor information at least 30 calendar days prior to the scheduled examination.
c). Bring materials necessary to complete the examination, but only items allowed by the examination guidelines.
d). Provide official picture ID to the proctor to serve as identification.
e). Identify clearly, during the test, any questions that seem unclear and the reason for the conclusion. The proctor is not to address those questions, but is to forward them to the CFedS Certification Panel.

Proctor Responsibilities:

a). The examination packet will be mailed approximately one week prior to the date of the examination. It is the responsibility of the Proctor to safeguard the contents.
b). Administer the test according to the guidelines provided in the examination packet.
c). Mail the examination packet to the CFedS Certification Panel within 24 hours of completion of the examination.
d). Keep a photocopy of the completed examination in a secure place for two week after which the copy must be destroyed.