20 Week Quick Start

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a few key downloads and links for you on this page. Please be sure to:

  1. Make sure you’ve registered for the the 20 Week Guided Session of your choosing. Each session precedes a scheduled exam by roughly six months (February, June, October).
  2. Once you’ve decided on a session, be sure to subscribe to that session’s Google Calendar on the main course page of your chosen session.
  3. Download the reading assignment overview. All reading assignments are listed within your individual Guided Session Overview (PDF) and within the actual course but it’s nice to have all reading assignments in one place.
  4. Download all seven course maps: CFedS Courses 1-7 Course Map Bundle (3 MB ZIP)
  5. Download all seven study guides: CFedS Courses 1-7 Study Guide Bundle (68 MB ZIP)
  6. Download the 2009 BLM Manual (PDF), purchase a print copy online or via the NSPS eStore.

That’s most everything, to start. If you’d prefer to download individual course maps and/or study guides, links are as follows:

Course 1: History, Records & Administrative Systems
Course 1 Map, Course 1 Study Guide

Course 2: Boundary Law & Title Examination
Course 2 Map, Course 2 Study Guide

Course 3: Survey Evidence Analysis
Course 3 Map, Course 3 Study Guide

Course 4: Restoration of Lost Corners
Course 4 Map, Course 4 Study Guide

Course 5: Introduction to Water Boundaries
Course 5 Map, Course 5 Study Guide

Course 6: Subdivision of Sections
Course 6 Map, Course 6 Study Guide

Course 7: Federal Boundary Standards & Business Practices
Course 7 Map, Course 7 Study Guide