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Our fall session runs August 20th through January 10th for users targeting the February 2025 exam.

The following program was designed to provide added structure to the core CFedS training by dividing it into two-week portions. Additional reading assignments and review recommendations are included to help you further master the material. Please plan on committing five to ten hours of study time per week to complete everything and stay on schedule.

Bi-weekly online meetings will address material covered within the previous two weeks. In addition to answering questions, we’ll identify and discuss the areas that cause the most trouble on exam day.

The core seven CFedS training courses include:

Course 1: History, Records & Administrative Systems
Course 2: Boundary Law & Title Examination
Course 3: Survey Evidence Analysis
Course 4: Restoration of Lost Corners
Course 5: Introduction to Water Boundaries
Course 6: Subdivision of Sections
Course 7: Federal Boundary Standards & Business Practices

20 Week Schedule – Fall 2024

Please be sure to review our 20 Week Quick-Start Checklist to download materials, subscribe to our event calendar and more. Our fall meeting plan is as follows:

Orientation (Introduction to fall 2024 Session): Tue., Aug 20th
Weeks 1-2 (Intro + Course 1 discussion), meeting 1: Tue., Aug 27th
Weeks 3-4, (Course 2, part 1 discussion), meeting 2: Tue., Sep 10th
Weeks 5-6, (Course 2, part 2 discussion), meeting 3: Tue., Sep 24th
Weeks 7-8, (Course 3, part 1 discussion), meeting 4: Tue., Oct 8th
Weeks 9-10, (Course 3, part 2 discussion), meeting 5: Tue., Oct 22nd
Weeks 11-12, (Course 4, part 1 discussion), meeting 6: Tue., Nov 5th
Weeks 13-14, (Course 4, part 2 discussion), meeting 7: Tue., Nov 19th
Weeks 15-16, (Course 5 discussion), meeting 8: Tue., Dec 3rd
Weeks 17-18, (Course 6 discussion), meeting 9: Tue., Dec 17th
Weeks 19-20, (Course 7 discussion), meeting 10: Tue., Jan 7th
*Exam applications (including proctor information) are due Friday, January 10th

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