Eleven New CFedS for June 2024

Congratulations to each of the following individuals that passed the CFedS exam in June of this year:

#1861 – Ryan Stahly of Clancy, MT

#1863 – Marc Budzinski of Howell, MI

#1864 – Mark Alan Ober of Albion, IN

#1865 – Gary Paule of Edmond, OK

#1866 – Mike Boeckman of Durango, CO

#1867 – Norbert Stoddard of Pagosa Springs, CO

#1868 – Ernest Cantu of Belle Plaine, KS

#1869 – Jared Serpico of Redwood City, CA

#1870 – Jesse Studebaker of Liberty Lake, WA

#1871 – Robert M. Anderson of Friday Harbor, WA

#1872 – Michael Kubisty of Irvine, CA

We realize that taking on 120-200 hours of training is a challenge to any working professional and believe that doing so showcases a significant commitment to professional development. Each of the above individuals should be commended for their achievement and we look forward to a long relationship with each of them.

Interested in becoming a CFedS? Our next exam session will be held in October 2024. Join over 150 surveyors currently working through the CFedS training program.