Job Opening – Land Surveyor – BLM NW

UPDATE: October 18th, 2023 – THIS ANNOUNCEMENT HAS CLOSED – This position is located in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Oregon State Office, Branch of Geographic Sciences. The work involves conducting field surveys, preparing field notes and draft plats for Cadastral Surveys involving establishing, investigating, and re-establishing land and property boundaries.

Applications open September 18th and will be accepted until October 17th, 2023. For more information, visit:

Salary Ranges – North Bend OR, Prineville OR, and Spokane Valley WA: GS-5: $37,696 – $49,009 per year; GS-07: $46,696 – $60,703 per year; GS-09: $57,118 – $74,250 per year; and GS-11: $69,107 – $89,835 per year.

Salary Ranges – Portland OR: GS-5: $40,440 – $52,577 per year; GS-07: $50,094 – $65,122 per year; GS-09: $61,275 -$ 79,655 per year; and GS-11: $ 74,137 – $96,375 per year.

Duties will be developmental in nature when filled below the full performance level (GS-11). Promotion to the full performance level is neither guaranteed nor implied and will be based solely on your ability to satisfactorily perform the work of the position, existing work at the higher grade level, and recommendation by the position’s supervisor.

The selectee will conduct surveys and re-surveys for projects involving a variety of problems and complexity where unique situations are not anticipated. Most assignments are characterized by inadequate or inconclusive data requiring extensive research and interpretation of land records, historical data, and legal decisions, and will encounter situations of varying degrees of complexity from simple to multi-faceted/complex.