Job Opening – Land Surveyor – BLM – OR

May 15th, 2024 – This position is located in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Oregon State Office, Branch of Geographic Sciences. The work involves conducting field surveys, preparing field notes and draft plats for Cadastral Surveys involving establishing, investigating, and re-establishing land and property boundaries.

This position is offering a Relocation/Recruitment Incentive, of 25% of the annual salary with 2-year service agreement.

Applications open May 15th and will be accepted until July 15th, 2024. For more information, visit:

  • Announcement number OR-24-DE-12328808-EKS
  • Control number 791006100

Salary Ranges – North Bend OR, Prineville OR, Roseburg OR, and Springfield OR:
GS-5: $39,576 – $51,446 per year
GS-07: $49,025 – $63,733 per year
GS-09: $59,966 – $77,955 per year
Salary Ranges – Spokane Valley WA:
GS-5: $39,698 – $51,605 per year
GS-07: $49,176 – $63,930 per year
GS-09: $60,151 – $78,195 per year
Salary Ranges – Portland OR:
GS-5: $42,571 – $55,339 per year
GS-07: $52,734 – $68,556 per year
GS-09: $64,504 – $83,854 per year

The incumbent conducts surveys and resurveys involving problems of substantial variety and complexity, normally being assigned to projects where unique situations are not anticipated. Most assignments are characterized by inadequate or inconclusive data requiring extensive search and interpretation of land records, historical data and legal decisions. Incumbent will encounter situations of a varying degree of complexity from the simple to the most complex.

The incumbent serves as chief of party on land surveys involving complexities, such as problems caused by changing watercourses or erroneous original meander lines; distorted or fraudulent prior surveys; obliterated or unrecoverable monuments; extremely high value property; actual or probable litigation; conflicting land records and survey data; omitted lands (such as islands); or application of new or experimental survey equipment and techniques.

Functioning on their own initiative as a field party chief, the incumbent coordinates and integrates separate phases of each survey project and exercises professional knowledge and judgment in adapting and applying field survey methods, techniques and procedures in the day-to-day operations. Performs surveys in the full field-to-finish mode, using electronic data collection and computer based measurement software. The incumbent exercises professional level judgment and evaluations of the results for all computations and display of results. Examines physical evidence recovered in the field and assesses its acceptability with the support of recorded historical documents for positioning boundaries or resolving disputes.