Course Category: CORE

Course 7: Federal Boundary Standards & Business Practices

Course Description The final course offered in the initial CFedS Training Program is about the Federal Boundary Standards and business practices. It offers foundational explanation of the forms and services CFedS uniquely provide to tribes and reservations, as well as explains some of the basic requirements of any survey performed by a CFedS. Course Objectives Read More »

Course 6: Subdivision of Sections

Course Description This course focuses on the subdivision of sections. It addresses subdivision of normal sections, lotted closing sections, elongated and fractional sections, as well as the unique method known as the “three mile method” on many Indian Reservations and some private lands. Course Objectives Learn to properly subdivide regular sections Identify exceptions to section Read More »

Course 5: Introduction to Water Boundaries

Course Description This course consists of an interactive course on the basics of water boundaries. It is not intended to make one an expert, but rather, to raise awareness of riparian issues. It is followed by a short field video where a State Cadastral Chief offers advice and help from the BLM whenever you face Read More »

Course 4: Restoration of Lost Corners

Course Description This course consists of four videos, some reading, and three exercises, on the “Restoration of Lost Corners”. The legal, mathematical, and practical applications of the methods of proportioning, as found in the Manual of Surveying Instructions, are presented. Students will be able to address what corners control in most situations, how to proportion Read More »

Course 3: Survey Evidence Analysis

Course Description This set of videos and other teaching aids addresses one of the most complex tasks in cadastral surveying, the analysis of the field evidence and it’s correlation with the written record. The course is essentially presented with three unique sessions on the subject from instructors of varying backgrounds and experiences. Practical on-the-ground advice Read More »

Course 2: Boundary Law & Title Examination

Course Description This course is about boundary law and records research. It discusses several basic land law principles and the analysis of legal descriptions contained in deeds and other official documents that transfer interests in land. While a brief discussion is made on state boundary laws, special emphasis is spent on federal boundary law, which Read More »

Course 1: History, Records & Administrative Systems

Course Description This is an introductory series of videos that establishes the context of the CFedS Program. Topics covered in this course include: Brief history of surveying as it relates to the United States Cultural Awareness History of Indian Land Law Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Indian Affairs structures and records that each Read More »